Your Guide to Ski Destinations This Winter

The ski season is upon us, so we at Hertz have decided to generate an in-depth guide for all you ski lovers out there. As well as some great deals on car hire to get you to and from the slopes. If you and your family or friends are thinking of planning a ski trip this winter then look no further.

If you’re a newbie, we would suggest Merible as over half the runs are for beginners, why not hire a car and visit the nearby attractions including boutique shops, bowling alleys and even an Olympic Ice skating rink.

If you’re more of a pro skier then Zermatt would be more suited for your needs. Be sure to explore one of Zermatt’s many attractions. Discover the mystical world of the Glacier Palace where impressive ice sculptures are exhibited or visit the Matterhorn museum, where they often arrange special exhibitions and cultural performances. You’ll definitely want to travel in comfort during the long 244Km drive from the airport to the resort.

Travelling on a budget? Then Chamonix and Val d’isere would be the best resorts for you as Chamonix offers the best value weekly ski pass and Val d’isere offers fantastic rates on alcoholic beverages averaging at just €2.40 per beer. Chamonix is only an 88km drive from Geneva International Airport and is easily accessible form anywhere in France via the A40, which connects to the European motorway network. Famous for its rich and diverse architectural heritage, it boasts old churches, traditional farmhouses and colossal villas, which makes it an increasingly popular destination. Val d’isere offers easy parking throughout your stay, up to 31 days and is easily accessible by car from Paris, Lyon and Chambery via the A43 motorway. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the amount of activities available for you and your family. Take a swim at the sports and leisure centre; indulge in a message at one of the many spas or test drive a snowmobile if you feel adventurous.

Why not rent a car from Hertz Geneva to transport you and your family or friends comfortably and safely to your chosen destination.

From the research we have conducted we have generated a list of the top ski destinations being reserved by the general public this year so far. So if any of the illustrated resorts doesn’t tickle your fancy, check out some of these action-packed destinations:

  1. Geneva
  2. Munich
  3. Zurich
  4. Toulouse
  5. Aberdeen
  6. Calgary
  7. Vancouver
  8. Denver
  9. Inverness
  10. Oslo
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